Concrete Scanning, Cutting, Drilling and Sealing

Amfra Maintenance Services cc was founded in 1993 with the vision to supply specialized services to all our clients big or small, with the latest technology and equipment available to ensure that we complete our projects in a professional, safe, and timely manner.

Due to commercial requirements Amfra Maintenance Services cc had to convert from a Close Corporation to PTY (Ltd) in 2017

With all our year’s experience, we do not only offer our specialized services, we offer our experience, knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed our client expectations. With our engineering division we are able to manufacture our own specialized equipment for our clients special and once off requirements.

In addition to our concrete scanning, cutting and core drilling, we also do specialist epoxy and cementitious grouting applications as well as concrete repairs that involves the application of Carbon Fiber reinforcing systems, including dowel drilling and installation of bars and various sizes of holding down bolts.

Civil Work

Amfra have been part of and involved with several civil and mechanical projects in the industry relating to upgrading , modification and replacement of equipment, large and small. The in-house specialist services and equipment complement the scope of work, saving time and tasks are executed in a safe and professional manner.


Demolition Work

The methods used by Amfra are time saving with close dimensional tolerances with no vibration to jeopardise the structural integrity. Operations are non-disruptive to surrounding areas, relative quiet, dust free and can be done in areas where there are limited access available

Registration and Grading

Company registration number: 2017/123127/07

BCCEI registration number: BC7230728893

CETA registration number: L230728893

KZN MBA membership number: 1002

Concrete sawing and drilling association (USA): OC-3173

MBA 4 Star Health and Safety grading

B-BBEE Verification (Level 3)